HoneyMaxx Sports Drink

HoneyMaxx is an all natural sports drink designed to keep you hydrated and fuelled during exercise or any time you sweat.

HoneyMaxx's main carbohydrate source is real honey. Added to the dried honey powder is a full electrolyte profile including, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium. Natural and organic flavours, colours and sweeteners are added including organic stevia, beta carotene and turmeric.

As a powdered sports drink, HoneyMaxx users can mix up their sports drink to meet their own individual needs. Click here for mixing instructions.

On days where workouts are light and very little calories are needed, HoneyMaxx can be mixed very dilute - about half of a scoop.

On hard workout days when a lot of calorie and electrolyte replacement is needed, HoneyMaxx users can use two scoops or more in their bottle.

HoneyMaxx is THE choice for young athletes. Virtually all other sports drinks are made from highly refined sugars and high fructose corn syrup. HoneyMaxx uses only natural and organic ingredients with nothing artificial. Parents can mix HoneyMaxx lightly to meet the lower caloric needs of young athletes and feel good about giving their children a sports drink that will keep them going strong and is healthy for them as well.

Whether cycling, running, walking, doing yoga or gardening - if you sweat and need replenishment, HoneyMaxx is the choice for a "Super. Natural. Sports Drink."