What is HoneyMaxx 2.0?

by Tom and Mark

When we launched HoneyMaxx 1.0 in May 2013, we were thrilled with the product. HoneyMaxx tasted great, digested easily and most importantly it performed exceptionally well. HoneyMaxx athletes could feel the difference it made in their training and racing.  You told us that honey simply works better than refined sugars.  

All along, we knew that the extra effort of mixing HoneyMaxx 1.0 was tough for some users that were pressed for time or who were used to the instantantizing of many sugar based drinks.   So, we went back to the drawing board.   We needed to re-create HoneyMaxx so that it did the following:

  1. mixes quicker with significantly less clumping
  2. offers the same light, fresh taste and
  3. offered the same level of performance of HoneyMaxx 1.0.

We spent over 6 months testing dozens of honey powders until we found the right one. We scoured the continent looking for the right honey.  In the end, our new honey powder base has all the properties we were looking for to keep the same great taste and performance of HoneyMaxx, while making it quick and easy to mix.   No more shaking and waiting.   HoneyMaxx 2.0 dissolves quick and easy!
If you’ve tried HoneyMaxx 1.0 and liked it, we think you'll love HoneyMaxx 2.0!   
Tom, Mark and Team HoneyMaxx

HoneyMaxx 2.0 is now available online and in some retail outlets.   Your favorite retail store may still have HoneyMaxx 1.0 bags in stock.    We have not yet replaced all 1.0 bags with the 2.0 version in all retail locations but are working to do this over the coming weeks.  To determine if the bag you are considering purchasing is version 1.0 or 2.0, turn the bag over and look at the expiry date.  If it is printed in black, it is 1.0.   If it is in red, it is 2.0.    If you'd like to buy 2.0 but are unable to find it locally, consider ordering direct from us in our online store here.