- World’s first honey-based sports drink avoids highly processed sugars

- An all-natural high-performing sports drink made with real food

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TORONTO (May 1st, 2013) Launching today – HoneyMaxx; the world’s first honey-based, all-natural sports hydration drink.

HoneyMaxx offers a premium sports drink that uses honey as the main carbohydrate source instead of highly-refined sugars found in other sports drinks. HoneyMaxx offers all of the benefits of honey and along with a wide range of electrolytes to create a powerful sports drink capable of keeping any athlete fueled during training, competition or daily exercise. HoneyMaxx is an all-natural, healthy and high-performing sports drink.

Virtually all of us have a bottle of honey in the cupboard and we all know and love its sweet taste. Naturally, we think of its use in tea, recipes and for baking. Recent research has revealed, that using honey during exercise results in impressive performance gains. Honey is a pure, natural, high-performing source of carbohydrates for all athletes.

Carrying around a jar of sticky honey with you during exercise is not an option. HoneyMaxx offers the athlete the best of both worlds - the performance and health advantages of honey and electrolytes but in a convenient, user friendly mixable powder. The lightly flavoured, powdered honey blend includes electrolytes and digestive aids to make a powerful sports drink that is easy to digest and enjoyable to drink.

HoneyMaxx is being released in two all-natural flavours, orange and lemon lime. HoneyMaxx is available online at honeymaxx.com and at select health food, running and cycling stores in 500g re-sealable pouches.

Honey: Nature’s Slow Release Carbohydrate for longer, stronger performance while eliminating digestive issues

The rapid absorption of honey monosaccharides and the slower metabolism of the fructose content make honey a valuable source of energy for athletes, particularly endurance athletes. Honey gives athletes both a quick boost and a prolonged energy source during exercise without the sugar spike that results from consuming the highly-refined sugars in virtually all sports drinks. It is nature’s perfect carbohydrate for all athletes to use before, during and after a workout. Digestive issues are very common in athletes during endurance events and training. With naturally high levels of enzymes, honey is easy to digest and dramatically reduces the probability of stomach distress during intense exercise.

Founded by dedicated athletes and nutrition gurus

Mark Ysseldyk has been an avid mountain biker and cyclist for over 10 years. He is the former president and CEO of a chain of nutrition stores and has 15 years of experience in the sports nutrition industry and honey business.

Tom Freure is a passionate endurance athlete of over 20 years. As a former Pro-elite Mountain Biker, Category 2 road racer, marathoner, Ironman finisher and mountain bike coach; performance has long been one of his passions.

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