HoneyMaxx 2.0

In May 2013 we launched HoneyMaxx with great success. We had a thousands of people loving hydrating and fueling with real, all natural honey instead of refined sugars. The only issue - mixing. Our original formula didn't mix perfectly, and let's face it - athletes are in a rush. All of our new issue HoneyMaxx is our 2.0 blend (expiry dates in 2016)

Want to see what it's all about..

Still have our old formula - see below. Works great, just takes a bit more work.

Mixology 101

How to Mix Your HoneyMaxx Properly

Since our launch, our customers have consistently told us three things,

  1. HoneyMaxx tastes great.
  2. HoneyMaxx works.
  3. HoneyMaxx mixes up differently than other drinks.

They're correct!

Here at HoneyMaxx we've made it our first priority to only use all natural ingredients with the least amount of processing and no chemicals. Many powdered drinks contain extra chemicals or processing to make them dissolve instantaneously. 

As we developed HoneyMaxx we were committed to making it as pure and natural as possible. As a result, you have a product free from unnecesary chemicals that dissolves a little bit differently than other powdered drinks.

Just like any other real food, HoneyMaxx takes a little more effort to prepare; we think real food is worth it.

Other sports drinks may prepare quicker, just like other artificial foods, like umm hot dogs... #FoodForThought 

Here are our tips for mixing the perfect bottle of HoneyMaxx;

  1. Start with a half-full bottle of water.
  2. Tap your scoop(s) of HoneyMaxx in slowly.
  3. Shake for 30 seconds.
  4. Wait 5 minutes for any undissolved honey to soften.
  5. Shake again, top up with water. If any HoneyMaxx has settled on the bottom, just hold the bottle upside down while shaking.

If any undissolved HoneyMaxx remains, it will dissolve as you exercise. 

Want to see how it's done? View the videos below.

*If you have your own way to #MixxMyMaxx, make us a video like the one below. If we use it, we'll send you something cool (we're just not sure what that will be and it will depend on what we have in stock - we'll make it worth it though)

HoneyMaxx - Our Mixology from TheSchumans on Vimeo.

Things that generally cause a lot of 'clumping'

  1. Dumping HoneyMaxx into a full bottle of water with no room for shaking.
  2. Pouring HoneyMaxx into an empty bottle, then adding water.
  3. Using ice-cold water (though you can dissolve it in ice-cold water if you are careful)
  4. Dumping HoneyMaxx in quickly and not shaking the drink right away.