* See below for a history of HoneyMaxx Sports Drink

HoneyMaxx 3.0

Currently available in Pomegranate Acai Blueberry flavour only

HoneyMaxx 2.0

Currently available in Orange and Lemon Lime flavours *see below 

HoneyMaxx 3.0

HoneyMaxx 3.0 - Launched July 2015!

Available first in a new flavour Pomegranate-Acai-Blueberry!

We've taken feedback once again and made the following changes...

  • Sodium is boosted to 200mg from 100mg - many users needed more sodium and we've responded with an ideal amount for all users.
  • Stevia and Xylitol are gone! Many people have a stevia taste affect. It is an incredible natural sweetener, but does leave an aftertaste. Our new honey powder is sweet enough on its own to cover up the taste of the electrolytes and these two natural sweeteners are no longer needed. These creates an incredibly fresh taste with no aftertaste at all
  • Even better mixing! Yes, we just keep on finding ways to make it better!
  • Lower magnesium. We had a lot of magnesium in 1.0 and 2.0. It was perfect for those consuming 1-3 servings a day, but for those ultra / iron / crazy athletes that consume 4+ servings, it was too much; we've backed off it a bit so you can consume more!

*note* Orange and Lemon Lime flavours will be offered in version 3.0 in soon. Raspberry as well ;)

HoneyMaxx 2.0

HoneyMaxx 2.0 marked the first step in improving HoneyMaxx using consumer feedback. We made some key changes. Launched in Fall 2014, we made the following improvements to HoneyMaxx

  • EASY MIXING! - The most notable change was a highly-researched new honey powder that dissolved easily. Check it out here.
  • Lighter, fresher taste - we boosted the sweetness (mostly in Lemon Lime) to create a lighter fresher taste many were looking for.
  • Less colour - Many athletes love their water bottles and don't like them discoloured, we backed off on the natural colours a lot to avoid this.

Not being the type of company to rest on its laurels, we launched 3.0 soon after...

HoneyMaxx 1.0

Launched in May 2013, HoneyMaxx 1.0 revolutionized sports drink by producing the first ever honey-based sports drink. Using honey as the main carbohydrate source, HoneyMaxx offered an exceptional source of power and energy while avoiding the refined sugars found in every other sports drink. In addition to the power of honey, HoneyMaxx offered,

  • exceptional levels of electrolytes including sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  • a delicious 'not-that-sweet' drink that was easily digested on the bike, run or in any other activity.
  • a drink free from artificial ingredients.

Feedback on HoneyMaxx 1.0 was exceptionally good. Athletes of all types loved it for the following reasons;

  • The stable energy source that avoided blood sugar spikes and crashes
  • The natural taste (not 'chemically' like other drinks)
  • The incredible digestibility of HoneyMaxx. Many customers raved that they could never consume sports drinks due to the dreaded 'gut rot'
  • Parents loved being able to provide their kids with a healthy option to other commercial sports drinks that were full of refined sugars and artificial ingredients.

Even with all the love for HoneyMaxx, there were areas for improvement. We listened to the feedback that HoneyMaxx,

  • stained water bottles with its natural colours (Beta Carotene and Turmeric).
  • did not mix readily, it took a fair amount of effort to avoid clumps and sediment.
  • wasn't quite sweet enough for some customers.

With that feedback, we launched HoneyMaxx 2.0!