Homemade Sports Drinks
The Pros and Cons

By Mark Ysseldyk, RNPA, CSNA

Homemade sports drink recipes are common among athletes that are dedicated to consuming healthy all- natural foods and avoiding the highly refined sugars, artificial colors, sweeteners and man-made carbohydrates found in most drinks on the market.

As an avid cyclist and mountain biker, I need to consume calories on the bike.  Over the years I got to the point that I simply could not tolerate any of the sugar laden drinks that are available.  They bothered my gut, made my tongue 'fuzzy' and, to be honest, the more I learned about the negative health benefits of refined sugar, the more they messed with my mind.  I couldn't come to grips with exercising for health BUT drinking what amounted to sugar-based poison.  

I needed to figure something out.  I tried drinking nothing but water on the bike and eating my calories through nuts-based bars and and fruit.   This worked great when I could stop and consume them.   But it wasn't ideal for racing or high intensity workouts.   I needed a drink that tasted good, was healthy and that worked.  

This lead me to making a homemade sports drink with honey.   Almost all sports drink recipes use honey as the carbohydrate source for energy. This is wise; honey is ‘nature’s perfect carbohydrate’ for athletes. Honey contains three different natural sugars - glucose, fructose and maltose. Each of these sugars is absorbed into the bloodstream at a slightly differently rate making it virtually time-released, which is perfect for endurance athletes.  I also found honey to be digested very easily during any strenuous activity.  No matter how much I consumed, I could not get it to bother my gut.   As I joined the small community of like minded people making their own homemade sports drinks with honey, I found out that many have known this for years.   

This got me to thinking - why the heck is no one making a honey-based sports drink for guys like myself and the many others who have to go through the effort of prepping their own drink before each workout?

So I asked around.

People all over the world were finding success with their homemade sports drinks.  They tasted great and avoided the nasty chemicals, artificial flavours and colours found in traditional sports drinks; and they worked.

But there were some common problems.

There was the inconvenience of sourcing and finding ingredients.   Or taking the extra time to make the drink before each and every workout when trying to get out the door in a hurry.   How about dragging bottles of pre-made drink to events?  And the biggest one I experienced...not being able to make more of the drink when away from the kitchen.

What if I could take my homemade sports drink and make it available to everyone?  It would contain the same healthy goodness of the drink I was making in my kitchen but it would be convenient, affordable and it would work.  

After nine months of experimenting in my kitchen and many, many of hours of development, my lifelong friend Tom and I created HoneyMaxx, the world's first honey-based sports drink.   Real honey powder is the main ingredient.  It contains a full electrolyte profile of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.   Only real fruit flavoring and organic stevia.  Nothing artificial.  No refined sugars like dextrose, glucose or sucrose.  And after months of testing it with world class athletes and ultra marathon runners, we know that it works.  

Among the many reasons we created HoneyMaxx was to help those people that currently use a homemade sports drink recipe.  I know that you’ll continue with your own sports drink recipe (heck, I still do), but also, that you need something for when you are ‘on the go’ or need to prepare your sports drink at the arena, on the field or deep in the woods on a hiking or canoe trip.

HoneyMaxx offers all of the incredible benefits of a homemade sports drink recipe. It is made with real honey, has a full electrolyte profile and tastes amazing. It also avoids all the things you are trying to avoid.  

Consider HoneyMaxx your portable homemade sports drink, in a resealable bag and ready to go!

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