Who Are These Guys?

Founded by dedicated athletes and nutrition gurus

Mark and Tom.  Tom and Mark.   Yes, we created HoneyMaxx.   

It all happened in September of 2012 while out on a casual mountain bike ride.  Once again Mark found himself with a maxed out heart rate of 178 while chasing Tom.  He managed to drag himself up to Tom's wheel and in between breaths muttered...."hey man. What do you think of creating a honey based sports drink?" Tom replied casually, "that sounds like a good idea. Lets do that."  

We wish the story was more interesting than that, but that was truly how it all started.  


Accessing decades of endurance experience and a wealth of sport nutrition knowledge, Tom and Mark created HoneyMaxx. From the first batches mixed in the kitchen to the product you can buy today, Mark and Tom are committed to creating healthy, all-natural sports nutrition products using honey and all its benefits as the core ingredient.

Mark Ysseldyk has been an avid mountain biker and cyclist for over 10 years. He is the former president and CEO of a chain of nutrition stores, owner of a honey distribution company and has over 15 years experience in the sports nutrition and honey industries.

Tom Freure is a passionate endurance athlete of over 20 years. As a former Pro-elite Mountain Biker, Category 2 road racer, marathoner, Ironman finisher and mountain bike coach, Tom loves the world of endurance sports.