Wired For Performance
coaching and consulting

HoneyMaxx is pleased to offer nutritional support to the athletes at Wired For Performance.

Coach Adam Morka is on the forefront of coaching and nutrition trends. His knowledge and understanding of the need for sound nutrition on and off the bike is exceptional. We were pumped at HoneyMaxx when Adam sent us this,

"I get so much pleasure in knowing its good for me rather then refined sugars etc. Mentally I enjoy knowing the orange is coloured with beta-Carotene and also contains ginger for digestion. I think those few little characteristics speak heaps to the athletes that take pride in their nutrition..."

Wired For Performance offers coaching for a wide range of athletes from the sport level all the way up to Elite and Olympic racers. The coaching at Wired For Performance has incredible support from testimonials such as this,

“Working with Adam and Wired for Performance has been fantastic! He is passionate about learning everything there is to know about training, and it shows with all the information and knowledge that he is able to offer to you, as his client. What really sets him apart though, is that he makes you feel like you are the only person he is coaching – everything is personalized and he is always eager to answer all the training/racing/nutrition questions you come up with. Thanks WFP!

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