Tim Hacker

Tim Hacker. Active Dad from Mesa, Arizona.

Tim is like so many active people involved in endurance sports. He prefers training to racing and live to be at home active with his kids. Running and cycling in the desert comes with its challenges though A regular training day can be much more taxing in the extreme heat. Making the right choice counts,

"As an athlete and dad, I make healthy choices when it comes to sports drinks and foods for both my kids and myself. HoneyMaxx provides the much needed hydration with all natural honey, not causing any blood sugar spikes or sick feeling in my stomach.Staying hydrated, especially here in the desert, is a must for both training and racing."

Tim is looking forward to competing in his first 12-Hour over night race in June of this year as well as a variety of triathlons.

Funny side story about Tim,

He once competed in and won an Ironman Charity Challenge while wearing a wetsuit the full distance. The distance was only 1/100th of the real Ironman distance race. 24-yard swim, 1.12 mile bike and a .26 mile run. He won $1000 for my charity. Cool.