Brian J.

I thought I would share that HoneyMaxx kept me perfectly hydrated for ATB and I was able to run a 13 minute PB! Legs didn't fail like last year so I am extremely happy.

Cari H.

I'm a big fan! I've never liked the "standard" gatorade/powerade products out there, and tried HoneyMaxx for the first time a few months ago (my friend Kent Keeler is one of your male ambassadors, and I'd read his reviews on his blog.)  It's now my go-to sports drink.  Love the taste of both the orange and lemon-lime - enough sweetness to taste great, but not enough to leave a syrupy taste in your mouth when you just want a mouthful or two mid-workout. I've experimented with gels etc. in the past and they haven't really agreed with me.  So far, HoneyMaxx is the gentle, but effective, mid-workout boost I need!

I've also just started drinking HoneyMaxx first thing in the morning if I get up and go for a run (I've never been a big get-up-and-eat person, which usualy makes early morning runs tough).  Light enough to not bother me, and stays with me to fuel me for at least an hour after having fasted all night. Another friend, Jessica Kuepfer, mentioned this as one of her strategies, and she's right!

I have two boys (6 and 8) who are active, and always asking to have Gatorade in their water bottles (especially in hockey season). I'm looking forward to being able to say "yes" this hockey season, and letting them have HoneyMaxx - of course, it remains to be seen whether they are as enthusiastic about the flavour as I am, but at least it's a product I'm comfortable with them having, lol! 

(And for what it's worth, I work in waste management/recycling, and really appreciate that you've designed the product as a mix from the start, instead of pre-packaging bottles.)

So, for what it's worth, I'm a fan of your product.  I  appreciate the the reduction in waste from mix vs. packaged bottles, and have only experienced great customer service.  So a rave review from me not just on HoneyMaxx as as runner, but on my entire HoneyMaxx experience!

Lance Belchetz

I was first introduced to HoneyMaxx at the 2014 Chilly 1/2 Marathon in Burlington. I used Honeymaxx exclusively for the entire race and took almost 5min off my personal best!!! I now use it for all my training runs and wont go back to traditional artificial sports drinks again!!

Tracey Stacey

“I suffer from various GI issues and consequently have a very difficult time with many electrolyte replacement products on the market. I tried HoneyMaxx as I was pleasantly surprised to find a product with a natural formulation – honey. I am happy to report that I use HoneyMaxx without any side effects or GI issues! I love HoneyMaxx!"

Dave Macpherson

This weekend I raced the Northumberland Humbler.  I used HoneyMaxx as my only nutrition source during the ride and had a great result. I was able to ride with vigor for 3 hours and did not get hungry or tired.

I think Honeymaxx is a great product and will continue to use it for my training and racing energy needs!

Jesse Gibbs from Runner's Life

"It's great to have a sports drink which not only has the natural energy of honey, but also comes in delicious flavours. Whether you're training hard or just want a bit of hydration, Honey Maxx can suit your needs."

Robyn Baldwin

I’ve used the natural sports energy drink twice so far and I love how they make me feel and the taste. HoneyMaxx comes in orange or lemon lime. My favourite is definitely lemon lime! Not too sweet which is to my liking.

Christine K.

I recently bought some of your sports drink at the Chilly Half expo. Shortly after, three family members came down with the flu. While trying to find something we could have just to keep our strength up, but not upset our stomachs, I mixed up some of the drink and it worked beautifully. The fact that it is natural and that the flavour is mild and not too sweet AND contains honey made for a great "flu recovery" drink.  For us it was a nice way to hydrate and get a few calories when nothing else would stay down. Thanks!

Olivier Dayson

I'm consider myself a distance runner, racing anywhere from a 5k to a full marathon. With all that training and my inherent refusal to settle comes the necessity to find a sports drink that not only contains natural ingredients and other good stuff, but something that doesn't taste like my childhood babysitter's tang mix.

This is where Honey Maxx comes in. Not only does it contain all of the good stuff, but it doesn't taste like candy and I can handle drinking more than a small cup-full. I like blending it with frozen fruit, peanut butter, protein, and juice to make myself a tasty recovery drink.

Plus there's real honey in it! Who doesn't like honey?! Give it a shot.

Steven H.

I have been meaning to follow-up with you and let you know that I used HoneyMaxx when I did the Wellspring Peloton challenge in October. This charity ride is a 24 hour around the clock team relay event from Oakville to Austin, Texas in support of the Wellspring Cancer Support Network. Typically, I rode 120K a day for 6 days in a row and going in I wanted to use a sports drink that would not give me GI issues if I drank it daily for a week. I have had this issue with other sports drinks such as Cxxxxxx and Exxxx. However, the Honeymaxx worked perfectly. I drank about two large water bottles worth a ride and did not get any negative feedback from my system. So I am a real believer in the product.

Kevin V.

As an age-group triathlete and someone who has ulcerative colitis being able to fuel properly while not upsetting my colon and stomach was a big challenge. The very unnatural sports drinks that were on the market did more harm than good.

HoneyMaxx has changed all that. As a completely natural product it is not only an amazing sports drink but it is very soothing on my digestive system. It's a remarkable product for any athlete but in particular for an athelete suffering from an inflammatory bowel disorder.

e-mail from customer!

    Hello HoneyMaxx guys! I just wanted to thank you for your product. I started using your product, when I restarted my 5k speed training after giving birth 8 months ago. I wanted to use a electrolyte replacement when doing my long runs and since I'm breast feeding my son I didn't want to put chemicals I can't pronounce in my body (like other sports drinks contain).

   I'm noticing a huge difference and I've run faster than before I was pregnant. I'll never be an elite runner but I can finally see my ultimate goal of running a 5k sub 25:00 min. And when I reach that, I can guarantee I'll be working on the next goal with Honeymaxx in my hydration belt.

Katlyn Dundas

 Katlyn is a U23 Elite Mountain Bike athlete from Ontario. She recently placed 9th in the National U23 Mountain Bike Championships and has a very bright future in the world of mountain bike racing.

 HoneyMaxx has been instrumental in helping me step up my training and racing capabilities. It provides me with clean, natural fuel whenever I need it.

 I have used other drink mixes in the past, but I had to stop using them because they made me feel sick on hot training days. I just couldn't stomach them. As a result, for a season and a half I used nothing but water in my bottles and I could feel the heat getting to me. The result was that my performance suffered.

 My coach told me that there was a product that was local and used natural sugars (i.e. honey), so I gave HoneyMaxx a try. I am so glad I did! Honeymaxx has a smooth, crisp taste that doesn't change when my water gets warm during long summer rides. It also doesn't upset my stomach like all the other drink mixes did with their artificial sugars. The perfectly balanced electrolyte formula keeps me at peak performance even on the most demanding of rides. I would (and do) recommend Honeymaxx to anyone who prefers natural sugar sources, wants to improve their performance, and wants to support a local Canadian company.

Runner's Mark - Running Store

 I have yet to come across anything that is as complete, sits as well and tastes as good as the new HoneyMaxx drink. 

Wired for Performance - Elite Athlete Coacing

 ...100% natural ingredients combined in the perfect ratios, fuel doesn't get any more clean than this product.

Canadian D Gal

 As for the diabetes, it was amazingly well behaved. I've been working on a system for the past week or so. I've been using HoneyMaxx that I picked up last weekend at the Guelph Triathlon in one of my bottles (the other one being plain water). I alternate sips from both bottles while riding. Previously I hated anything in my water. Gatorade and all other sports drinks leave my stomach feeling less than stellar. They also give me major mouth pasties and cause me to be even more thirsty. Stuff like that also has a tendency to give me some reflux and that's just nasty. But if I don’t have carbs in liquid form I need to consume them in gels and chews. HoneyMaxx is lighter on the carbs and not as nasty sweet on the stomach. I've been using it and having GREAT results with minimal reflux...


 Depending on the duration of my training, HoneyMaxx may be all I would need for fuel...

 ..with HoneyMaxx I haven't noticed the spikes and drops in energy that I have had with some sugar based drinks.


 ... Honey Maxx is so long over due. I went into yesterday's race, low in iron, sick & tired. I finished 5 mins faster than 3 weeks ago in Boston...

 ... I picked up my Honey Maxx from my Skit-Skat, Bee Team, race crew at the 8.5km mark and sipped it until the Mississauga Golf Club. My only mistake was that I did not have anyone on the course with another bottle... 

 ...  It was smooth, disolved nicely, was refreshing and gave me strength. And because the honey is natural, I did not get that sugar overload that leads to race ruining gut-rot. Every runner knows what this means...


 ...  Since HoneyMaxx is made from real honey, it takes a while for it to fully dissolve...Jared's right, and we like that it takes a while to dissolve - because it's real food, not chemicals. Check this out for a bit of help.

 ...I quickly noticed there wasn't a huge sugary flavor like other sports drinks. In fact, there was a very faint taste of any type of flavor... Normally, you can taste all the sugar in sports drinks so I liked how you can't do that with HoneyMaxx.

 ...I thought that after only drinking HoneyMaxx during my long bike rides and long runs that I would bonk due to the lack of chemicals. This has not been the case at all. In fact, I'm finding that towards the end of my workouts, I'm getting stronger.

 ...No GI issues. I've taken HoneyMaxx on long bike rides, long runs, and a really long brick workout. I haven't had any type of digestion problems at all. My body can easily digest HoneyMaxx and doesn't sit in my stomach for long periods of time. Can't ask for more than that... 

Jason Smeall

Honeymaxx is amazing.  I have used it for mountain biking as well as staying hydrated at work. Tastes awesome and kept the stomach cramps away.

Prime Endurance

 Consistent energy from a drink that doesn't create any peaks and valleys. Not having to worry about crashing and bonking is key!

 At roughly $1.10 a serving it's pricing is in line with several other top brands, it's slightly more expensive, however you can likely get away with using less product since using the product does not create the spikes that sugar based products do.

Jay Mijares

"HoneyMaxx worked really well for me.  No issues with the stomach, even at one scoop to about 330ml at the beginning and one scoop to about 450 ml in the last half.  And the one thing I did notice was I had absolutely no cramping issues at all.  Usually, my legs are cramping up at about mile 9 on the Double Dipsea, but this time around, no cramping at all.  I have to credit it to the HoneyMaxx because I haven’t done much trail running in the past six months, so I know my legs weren’t in the best condition going in."

" I had a chance to test HoneyMaxx at a 10K trail race this past weekend with a 550m climb and it worked great!  No stomach issues at all.  Thus far it's the only sports drink that my body can handle well."