Sarah Butler

Hey moms, looking for inspiration? Keep reading!

In 2007 Sarah started running to help regain a level of fitness after having her second child. She quickly discovered a love for training as well as competing. A few 5k races turned into 10 and soon after a 10 miler. While training for a half marathon last year she suffered a knee injury on a long, cold run. To keep active she added swimming and cycling into her routine and developed a love for both sports.

Once her knee healed enough to get running again, a triathlon seemed like the next challenge.

Throughout training Sarah constantly struggled to find products that met her desire to properly fuel her body, and that worked with my greatly restricted diet due to Crohn's disease.

We met Sarah at the Guelph Lake triathlon and filled her bottle for her race. She loved it! Read what she had to say about HoneyMaxx below.

"I always felt like I was pushing my body but asking it to perform on empty calories and refined sugars; then I tried HoneyMaxx and quickly fell in love! With quality, natural ingredients HoneyMaxx provides me with the endurance I need during my tough workouts, long rides and brick training days.Tom and Mark hit the nail on the head with this product and it's one no active mom should be without! I love that it's a beverage I can share with my two girls without the worry of something harmful and artificial going in their growing bodies."

Sarah's looking forward to a few more triathlons this season and fall road races in both cycling and running.

"I'll never be the fastest or the best but I'll always finish with a smile on my face and HoneyMaxx in my hand!" Sarah says; which is what we love to hear.Training and competing in triathlon, running or cycling is not about winning or being the best. It's about enjoying healthy active lifestyle.

We're pumped to have a healthy active mom like Sarah on-board at HoneyMaxx - she's awesome!