Michelle Clarke

Simply put. Michelle Clarke is an amazing runner and even better person. Michelle is a fixture on the Toronto running scene and is universally loved and respected.

Michelle is a Middle and Long Distance with a specialty in the half marathon.

Her many accomplishments include;

2:57 marathon in Boston (2nd Canadian female) (2013)

Boston to Big Sur Champion (2013)

First female and 6th place overall for The Northface 50 Endurance Championships Trail Marathon in San Francisco (2013)

Michelle will be spending 2014 focusing on shorter distances to regain some speed in the half marathon distance.

In 2014 she will be attempting to break some Canadian master records that will hopefully take her to the master championships to represent Canada in 2015.

Michelle runs all distances and trains on a high mileage program.  Some days she will do double workouts – going from a pool or bike to the road or even doing two run workouts. Spending this much time training means she has to put a lot of thought into her nutrition. Michelle says,

“I want a sports drink that is going to help me get through my toughest workouts without the crash and burn effect I get from other sports drinks made from unnatural sugars. Honeymaxx is consistent and dependable. It tastes amazing hot or cold and is never too sweet.

“I have come to depend on Honeymaxx before, during and even after my workouts for a bit of recovery – rehydrating and replenishing my electrolytes.

“I have never come across a sports drink that I enjoyed, for years I have just had to stomach the poor choices. I was thrilled to finally find a brand that cared about natural ingredients and what athletes were putting into their bodies. “

Michelle is an amazing addition to Team HoneyMaxx. If you’re ever at a running event in the Toronto area, you’re likely to find Michelle – feel free to talk to her and ask about the benefits of HoneyMaxx.


Want to learn more about Michelle, check her out here.