*There's one really fast guy in this photo...the other one's named Killian. ;)

Kent Keeler

Ultrarunner, cyclist, dad.

Kent's just like us; balancing a busy schedule between work, kids and trying to stay in shape - except he can run more 80km (in one race!) - We can't.

As an ultramarathoner Kent needs the best nutrition possible. It's impossible to run for 8 hours without fueling your body properly. Kent has chosen HoneyMaxx as his sports drink and we've chosen him as our ambassador.

Kent is looking forward to another year of endurance adventures fuelled by HoneyMaxx. Using it through all of his training and racing in 2013, he is totally confident that it works for him no matter what the distance or finishing time.

In 2014, Kent will focus on running, moving towards a goal of running a 100 Mile Trail Ultra before the year is out. Along the way, the plan is to run a 50km race in the Arizona desert in January, a 100km ultra close at home in Niagara in April, and a 50 Miler in New York State in May. During the summer he will hit as many of the 5Peaks Ontario trail races as possible, and build up for the Superior Sawtooth 100 Miler in Minnesota in September. This is definitely not an "easy" (which is clearly relative!) 100 Mile race so he is happy he will have HoneyMaxx as the hydration he can count on.

Want to learn more about Kent, check him out here