Ken Smith

Ken Smith is an exceptional athlete.

In the past four years he has completed...

...4 Boston Marathons (with a personal best of 3:08), numerous triathlons including REV3 and Eagleman Half Ironman as well the Lousville Ironman.

This year he is on track to complete five more triathlons, including two half-Ironmans and the Ironman at Lake Tahoe.


What makes Ken even more impressive and exceptional is that just a few years ago he weighed 250 pounds and was dangerously unhealthy.

Ken has made numerous lifestyle changes including exercise and proper diet to drop 80 pounds - wow!

Part of Ken's important nutrition choices include finding a sports drink that works and fits his new healthy active lifestyle.

As a sports drink made from real food, honey, not refined sugars and artificial ingredients; HoneyMaxx fits Ken's lifestyle perfectly.

Check out Ken on twitter - @Vanwolfenstein