Kelly Fitzsimmons

Kelly competes in Modern Pentathalon.

Fencing, Swimming, Show Jumping, and a combined race: Shooting/Running.


Training for five sports takes a lot of work, determination and proper nutrition. Kelly was introduced to HoneyMaxx and here's what she had to say,

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As a high performance modern pentathlete, I can lose a lot of electrolytes and energy with multiple training sessions, and a full competition day consisting of 5 sports. In order to perform, it is crucial for pentathletes to maintain a consistent high level of energy for a long period of time.

HoneyMaxx is perfect for me because I know that I can consume the drink through training or competition and maintain the level of energy I need without feeling any adverse side effects. For instance, I no longer have to worry about the stomach issues have experienced with high sugar/acidity in other sports drinks. My body is eager to consume HoneyMaxx and the performance speaks for itself."

Want to learn more about this fantastic athlete? Keep reading,

Growing up in Calgary, AB, Kelly was inspired by all things sport. As a young showjumper, and competitive swimmer with the Cascade Swim Club, Kelly eagerly made the jump to Modern Pentathlon (Fencing, Swimming, Showjumping, Shooting, Running) at 16, when she was introduced to the sport through the Calgary Olympic Development mentorship program. 

In 2003, Kelly moved west to the University of British Columbia to pursue a dual degree in Structural Engineering and Western Art & Architecture. In 2005, she refocused her schooling at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, where she undertook the opportunity to lead an entrepreneurial organization, Enactus Calgary and earning the ACE Canada Student Leader of the year award in 2009. 

After graduating with her B. Comm in 2009, Kelly switched gears from school to sport, and dove back into pentathlon training and competition. Over the next couple years, Kelly competed in everything from Canadian National pentathlon to US Nationals, Mexican Open, Hungarian Open, French Open, Pan American Championships in 2011 and 2013, and her first World Cup Pentathlon in 2012.

In 2012, Kelly made the cross-Canada move to Toronto, Ontario to further her training for international pentathlon. In Toronto, Kelly trains with Peter Ho, at the Toronto Fencing Club, Paul Osland with the University of Toronto Track Club, Parick Haynes, of the Canadian Pistol shooting team, competitive swimming with the University of Toronto, Lauren Hayes of Hayes Co. Showjumping, and Blaise Ambrose with Dynamic Conditioning Centre. Kelly also works with Pentathlon Canada national team coach John Hawes, out of Ottawa, ON, who oversees her pentathlon training program.

Outside of pentathlon, Kelly works with the international digital & technology agency, SapientNitro, and continues to volunteer with Enactus Canada. Combining her diverse backgrounds, Kelly's mission with is to celebrate 'adventure for life' through the spirit of sport, creativity and entrepreneurship. Through her Art4Athletics fundraiser, Kelly continues to actively paint and draw to raise money for her pentathlon training and competitions. 

Pentathlon 2014 Season: (tentative)

Budapest International Indoor Pentathlon (Feb 2014)

Swiss Open Pentathlon (March 2014)

New York Fencing Grand Prix (March 2014)

Fencing USA North American Cup (April 2014)

Canada Cup Fencing (May 2014)

French Open Pentathlon (June 2014)

Canadian Nationals Pentathlon (July 2014)