Katlyn Dundas

I wasn't supposed to be a cyclist - not really. I started cycling with my mom, for some mother-daughter time, and from then on cycling became my passion. I started out just tagging along, but I caught the racing bug and it wasn't letting go (then again, it still hasn't). I started out racing local races along with a few provincial races, but I soon learned I wanted to go faster, push harder and aim higher. This brought me to where I am now, competing provincially, nationally and internationally on the mountain bike circuit.

The 2014 season will be my sixth year racing and my third year as part of the Trek Women Who Ride program through Trek Store Toronto. As a third year Under 23 Elite Female cyclist, I am proud to say I have finished in the Top 10 at Canadian Nationals for the past two years and aim for Top 5 this season. Through work with my coach, Adam Morka of Wired of Performance, my results have greatly improved and I have represented Canada on two occasions - 2012 in Windham, New York and last season in Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec. Although racing is exhilarating, I ride because I have the most amazing time on the bike! Cycling makes me forget about everything else around me and focus on the the moment.

When I am not cycling, I am in studying biology at Brock University. Although I want to pursue cycling to my fullest ability, I also have the goal to one day become a veterinarian. There is a lot of school ahead of me - but I love school - and I hope to realize this dream some time before I'm fifty. My partner-in-crime for all my adventures is my fiance Alex Schmidt of WolfPak Racing. We've been together since 2008 and I could not imagine a better side-kick for all the shenanigans we get ourselves into while riding the trails.

I came to HoneyMaxx through my coach, but also through the local cycling community - and I am so happy I did. I've had problems in the past with drink mixes being too harsh on my stomach, but HoneyMaxx has been quite the opposite. With the refreshing taste and the natural honey sweetness, I know it will help my performance soar!

Want to follow Katlyn throughout 2014 - check her out here.