Jeremy Kim 

Proud Triathlete, Even Prouder Father

After training for and finishing my first triathlon while also welcoming my son Maddox to the world, I was hooked on the sport of triathlon. Learning to balance training with parenthood and work forces you to focus on what’s important and necessary. Having a son has meant that I am a role model, which means what I do means something. It also means that you have a direct role in teaching someone and making sure that you are practicing what you preach. One of the shifts is the lifestyle you lead; it has to become healthier, because it benefits you both in triathlon and life.

That is one of the draws of triathlon, the fact that so much of what you learn about the sport, teaches you not only about yourself as an athlete, but as a person, What you learn and do in triathlon bleeds into your daily life, forcing a different focus, for the better.

After a few years in the sport, 2013 was my most successful, qualifying for USAT Age Group Nationals and also taking 5th in my age group at Rev 3 Maine in the Olympic distance and qualifying for the Rev 3 Championship Series. This past season’s successes made me decide to go back to long course racing and tackle my first Ironman. But in doing so, I knew I had to focus on my nutrition, both while training and racing. Having done 70.3’s in the past, I knew that I needed to change what I was doing nutrition wise, having always faded on the runs, and often succumbing to the queasiness that comes with consuming multiple products.

After trying different products, I came across HoneyMaxx, with its honey based qualities and found something that worked for me. I was instantly surprised by the clean taste and how well it worked with my body, all without the digestion issues that had hit me during or post training and racing. While training is the key to success on course, having your nutrition deliver consistent and sustained energy, is a weapon that any endurance athlete should be looking for and that is exactly what HoneyMaxx has delivered for me.

2014 Race Schedule

Rutgers 1/2 Marathon - April 13
Long Branch 1/2 Marathon - April 27
Rev 3 Quassy 70.3 - June 1
Challenge Atlantic City Relay (Bike) - June 29
Ironman Lake Placid - July 27
Chicago Olympic - August 24
Ironman 70.3 Princeton - September 21