Jared Fayer 


That about explains it. Jared is a part time triathlete and runner, but most importantly, a dad.

Jared was one of our early testers. His blog is well respected, well written and filled with good honest reports.

Jared, and others like him, are the best kind of people in endurance sports. He is person dedicated to his family and work, but also to the pursuit of fitness and athletic goals. We can all relate to that. It's all about balance.

2014 will be big for Jared. After a year of finding the balance between family, work and training, he's primed to crush 2014 with big goals.

Building off of a strong Rev 3 Half Iron in Maine, Jared has qualified for the Rev3 Age Group Championships in Knoxville in May (ranked 9th nationally in his age group) and the USAT Nationals.

2014 looks to be a good season.

Jared's been crushing workouts ever since he started using HoneyMaxx and we love getting e-mails from him like this;

"I just wanted to send you a quick update. I probably had my hardest training ride today in a long time. A 50 plus mile ride on an extremely hilly course, with about 4-5 grade 5 climbs, plus a few grade 4's so it was definitely challenging. I can't believe how great the HoneyMaxx performed...I was utterly impressed today and just couldn't believe how much stronger I was getting on the later stages of the ride. I actually only had about 1 gel (I kind of got into a groove and didnt want to upset it), so most of my nutrients and all fluids came from the HoneyMaxx. It was just awesome."

Pretty cool getting that in the old inbox!

Keep an eye on his blog for all his HoneyMaxx powered races this year.

Read more about Jared and his running and triathlon success here.