3S Climbing Company


3S Climbing Company is dedicated to acheiving their best in bouldering, speed and sport climbing.

HoneyMaxx is proud to keep them hydrated as they continue to excel as premier youth climbers in Canada.

As an extremely demanding sport, climbers use every muscle possible to reach new heights. Aerobic and muscular fitness as well as stamina are key for climbing success. HoneyMaxx provides the energy as well as the electrolyte replenishment needed throughout a day of training or competing on an indoor rock wall or bouldering on natural terrain. 

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The team consists of 

Sasha Vince

OCF Youth Bouldering Champion

Summer Sweatfest Series Champion

OCF Youth series winner

Beth Vince

5 time National Youth Climbing Champion

IFSC Youth World Championships 2013

Summer Sweatfest Champion

Ben Whattham

2nd 2012 Eastern Youth Regional Championships

5th 2012 National Youth Sport Climbing Championships

Pan-Am Youth Championships 2010