Honey Based. All-Natural. Sports Hydration Drink.

HoneyMaxx is the world's first honey-based sports and exercise drink. Using all-natural honey as its primary source of carbohydrates, HoneyMaxx avoids the highly-refined sugars found in other hydration drinks that cause rapid increases in blood sugar and insulin. As one of nature's healthiest foods, honey is loaded with natural anti-oxidants and nutrients to help keep you fit and healthy. With honey as its base, HoneyMaxx acts like a time-released fuel for exercising muscles, simultaneously driving optimal performance and health.  Learn more.

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Why Honey?

We all know and love the sweet taste of honey and naturally we think of its use in tea, recipes, marinades, baking, and even skin products. But have you heard of this common food being used by athletes for impressive performance gains?  There has recently been a great deal of research on the use of honey before, during and after workouts showing a positive effect on human performance.  Read more here.

Homemade Sports Drinks

Are you one of the many people out there that make your own homemade sports drink out of honey? We did that too, and we still do.

Check out Mark's experiences here, where he outlines his background and some of his thoughts on nutrition including homemade sports drink recipes.